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More Christmas Sewing

I made Lil a Christmas dress!

I’m quite impressed with myself, actually.

Lil chose this fabric a while ago from the Prints Charming range at Spotlight but it was just yesterday that I chose the pattern and decided on the red spots and pom pom trim. Then I realised I didn’t have quite enough fabric. Then I found a hole in the fabric. So I took it back to Spotters where luckily they had more and gave me a discount.

Oliver and S Popover Sundress

The pattern is the free Oliver and S Popover Sundress. It was very simple and well explained, which is why I chose it! I love how it turned out, but best of all Lil does too. She’s fickle, that one, so you never really can be sure. But so far so good with success and thumbs up on both this and the pyjamas.

Pom Pom hem

Yay pom poms! Of course, she hasn’t tried it on yet so let’s hope it fits.

It’s beginning to look a lot like…

The Christmas Sticks are up:

close up

There’s a sparkly pom pom garland nearby:

sticks and pom poms

There has been serious crafting:


And paper decorating:

sponge stamping

cookie cutter stamping

There has been sewing of bunting for inside:

Inside bunting done. #sewingday

And outside:

Christmas bunting done. #sewingday

And also of matchy (semi) Christmassy pyjamas:

matching pjs!

And tonight a Salvos band played carols all down our street. Yep, we’re getting into the spirit!

Easy Peasy Christmas Peg Magnets

While we were making the marble magnets the other day I also started some of these peg magnets and just finished them off today. I think they’re even easier than the marble magnets and would be perfect for displaying Christmas cards on the fridge. All you need is (love) and:

- wooden pegs (I got a jumbo pack from Bunnings for $5 or so.)

- paper for decorating – again we used the Christmas scrapbook papers but any nice paper would do fine.

- pva glue

- mod podge (though you could probably just use the pva glue if you don’t have any mod podge.)

- magnet strips

- craft knife or scissors

First cut your paper to the same size as the peg. I just traced around the peg with a pencil and then cut it out with a craft knife and trimmed if necessary.

peg magnets

Glue the paper onto the pegs with the pva glue.

Christmas peg magnets

Cut strips of magnet to the width of the pegs. I cut up an advertising magnet we didn’t need. If you’re planning on using the pegs to hold more than a single card you might want to use a stronger magnet. I have some small rectangular magnets form the dollar shop that I’m planning to use to make some non-Christmas pegs to hold fridge crap all year.

magnet strips

Use the pva glue again to stick the magnets onto the pegs.

magnets glued on

When the glue under the paper has dried cover the whole top side of the peg with mod podge to seal the paper and give it a bit more durability.

mod podge drying

Finally when all is dry hang a card from it! Obviously we have no Christmas cards yet so I used this card that Peppa Pig and George sent Lillian. (Big thanks to Lucy for organising this from the creator of Peppa Pig himself. So cool.)

magnet at work

Have fun magnet making!

How to make marble magnets

I first made these marble magnets two years ago as gifts for Christmas so it was about time we made some more. I still have all of the supplies and have been gathering more glass gems and magnets as I come across them as they can be tricky to find. This time I had a helper in the form of Lillian and she was really good at it! I used the same basic method as last time which came from this Not Martha tutorial, but this time I took more photos along the way.

Firstly, the materials:

- Clear glass gems with a flat back

- Silicone glue/sealant

- Round magnets a bit smaller than the gems

- A round hole punch (I didn’t have one of these the first time I made them. You can just trace around the magnet and cut out the circles by hand.)

- Pretty paper (for these we used Christmas scrapbook paper. You can also use magazines or catalogues or wrapping paper.)

Punch (or cut) out your circles before you start.


Step One:

Spread a thin layer of the glue onto the magnet. Make sure you’re putting it on the right side of the magnet (i.e. the non-magnetic side) and we used a matchstick.

Step one

Step Two:

Stick a paper circle onto the glued magnet. This one is not perfectly round because it was punched out near the edge of the paper. Once the gem is on you can’t tell.

step two

Step Three:

With the matchstick put a glob of the silicone glue in the middle of the paper.

step three

Step Four:

Slowly push the glass gem down onto the glue glob making sure it spreads evenly to the sides.

step four

And you’re done! Make another! And another!


I like making themed sets and it’s fun deciding which bits of paper to punch your circles out of. Let me know if you make some!

Thinking About Christmas Crafting

Christmas is coming up fast. I have a list of ideas of things to make, some for presents, some decorations, some kid clothes, some food. My craft group is planning a market so I’ll make some things for that too. I’m gathering ideas and supplies but need to finish this one last assignment for the year before I can get stuck into things.

In the meantime here are some links to Christmas projects from past years. Enjoy!

Christmas Sticks! Our tree alternative.

Christmas Clay decorations and a Pom Pom Filled Bauble

decorations collage

Mini Button Tree, Crochet Baubles and Matchbox Advent Calendar

Button tree and matchbox advent

Felt Circle Wreath and Button Tree Decorations

Button tree decorations

A very last minute Envelope Advent Calendar

Candied Pecans and Homemade Rocky Road

homemade candied pecans

Porcelaine Pen Mugs – kid and grown up versions

Marble Magnets

Christmas set

Present Wrapping

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