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The Big Trip

(Two blog posts in one nap!) With Christmas over, and the new year here, planning for our big trip has stepped up a notch. I’ve decided that the trip deserves it’s own discrete blog and so from now on I’ll be posting most of the planning details over there and of course once we’re underway that’ll be the place to be. Until we leave I’ll still be posting here with my usual random selection of craft and life and kids. And here is where I’ll return once we’re home again. So I hope you join us over on the other blog, if not for the planning for the trip itself.

I’ve also started a Facebook page as another way to follow along with the trip. I thought that there’ll be times on the trip when a quick facebook update will be easier than a blog post. There might not be much action there till we actually leave but ‘like’ away if that’s your thing.

So far on the other blog you can see our current itinerary plan and more planning details will be coming soon.

The Places We Go


Merry Christmas!

I would like to thank everyone who has stopped by here to read over this last year (and years before.) I enjoy sharing these little snippets of our life. I may do a proper year in review post closer to new year. Maybe.

We’re in the Southern Highlands for Christmas this year. Planning to take the kids to Berrima this morning to see where we were married. More family will arrive later today and the big Christmas dinner followed by presents is tonight. Lil can’t wait. Tonight stockings will be left out and in the morning the kids will find some little presents from Santa.

Merry Christmas to you!

PS. Sorry if the formatting is a bit funny on this post, I’m using the iPhone app.

It’s a sign

I just wrote a post that really probably wasn’t very interesting but it’s Blogtoberfest so I have to post something! And then I pressed publish and something went wrong and it made me log in again and then it disappeared. Wah. But I’m taking it as a sign. This will have to do for tonight. I am sorry. My brain has gone to bed. I will be back tomorrow.

Here’s a pretty picture:


This is a test

I’m sitting on the ball next to Edward’s cot waiting for him to go to sleep so I thought I would take this opportunity to test out blogging from the WordPress iPhone app for Melbourne.

Ed has been very mummy mummy mummy the last few days. Lots of ‘No, mummy do it’ to Dave. I’m hoping the next few days are not too hard for either of them.

Lil is asleep. One down one to go. Not bad considering the clocks changed today and it feels like 6.30 to them. Feels like 9.30 to me! It’s been a busy weekend.

Let’s see if I can add a photo.


Well, that worked! I just hit publish a little too soon. The photo is from dinner last night. Yummy tapas.

Ok, Ed’s settled but still awake. See you in Melbourne tomorrow!


I just noticed this blog has had 1008 comments (and only 111 are from me!) so I checked back to see who left the 1000th comment and it was Sarah Hodgson. Congratulations Sarah! Sorry there is no prize but what glory!

I’ll take this moment to say thank you to everyone who has commented over the years. I appreciate every single one of them and always go and check out your blog too if you have one.

Big special thanks in particular to Emma, Sally, Sherrie, Jo and Beck for being my top 5 commenters. Love you guys!

(Card by DEADWEIGHT on Etsy. You can buy it here.)


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