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Handmade Christmas Wrap Up (see what I did there?)

I feel like I was particularly productive in the lead up to Christmas. I’ve already shared some of the things I made here. Lillian’s Christmas dresses. The Christmas bunting and the matching pyjamas. I also made Edward two pairs of shorts. Three if you count the pair that didn’t fit.

As well as all this sewing I tried to make as many presents as possible. It’s certainly not the easiest or fastest route (or even necessarily the cheapest) but the experience is much more enjoyable than traipsing around a shopping centre and the satisfaction is certainly higher when a gift is well received. I was a little slack in photographing these gifts as I didn’t want to share pictures before they were given, but there were a few sneak instagram peaks along the way.

For the girls in the family (my step-sister, my step-sister-in-law, and my sister-in-law) I made these polymer clay necklaces. They all got different colours and actually the one in the picture here is one I’m keeping for myself! I also made matching stud earrings. In a funny coincidence Dave’s mum bought me a necklace almost the same for my present! (I love it too.)

Day 16: something you made #fmsphotoaday

For my step-mother I put together a little package with a set of nice tea-towels, a Christmas baking cook book, a crochet cotton dishcloth (no photo oops) and this set of wooden spoons that I painted the ends of.

Day 19: something beginning with S #fmsphotoaday More pressie making.

My cousins’ kids all got an applique t-shirt or onesie. These were so fun to make, especially the cute wee onesies. It was the first time I’d made these but I see more in my future.

Appliqué onesies and t-shirt pressies.

Lillian and Edward’s daycare teachers (five in each room plus the director and admin person!!) were given either home made peppermint bark, brownies, or rocky road. I spent a whole morning melting chocolate. Fun! Some went to our neighbours too.

Day 17: makes me feel merry #fmsphotoaday I've melted over 1kg choc this morning for various purposes.

I also had fun making these crochet stars for a decoration swap with friends and a few for random little pressies.

Day 7: stars #fmsphotoaday

Men are harder for handmade gifts, I find. So they all got a set of imported European beers with tasting notes, bought from some new friends of ours who supply local pubs and shops. Not handmade but still avoided the shopping centre and supported a small local business (and friends) and all the beers come from small breweries.

So that was Christmas 2012! Time to start taking down the decorations, I guess. I might have to make some non-Christmas bunting for our house. It looks so pretty with it.

Another Christmas Dress

I made another Christmas dress for Lil! I used the same Oliver and S pattern as for the last one but this one is a bit smaller due to fabric limitations. The first one I made using the size 7 pattern and it fits now but is quite roomy. This second one is probably more like a size 4 top with a size 7 length and it’s perfect. I was a bit worried it would be too small when I was making it but no problem.

dress collage

This time I added a bit of bias tape under the yoke to lift what could otherwise be quite a boring dress. Lil loves it!

Close up

More Christmas Sewing

I made Lil a Christmas dress!

I’m quite impressed with myself, actually.

Lil chose this fabric a while ago from the Prints Charming range at Spotlight but it was just yesterday that I chose the pattern and decided on the red spots and pom pom trim. Then I realised I didn’t have quite enough fabric. Then I found a hole in the fabric. So I took it back to Spotters where luckily they had more and gave me a discount.

Oliver and S Popover Sundress

The pattern is the free Oliver and S Popover Sundress. It was very simple and well explained, which is why I chose it! I love how it turned out, but best of all Lil does too. She’s fickle, that one, so you never really can be sure. But so far so good with success and thumbs up on both this and the pyjamas.

Pom Pom hem

Yay pom poms! Of course, she hasn’t tried it on yet so let’s hope it fits.

To Market

This week every spare moment was spent getting ready for last night’s little market that my craft group put on at Carrington Hall. If you missed out on going there’s another on next Tuesday night. I won’t be there unfortunately, because Dave is away, but the lovely Xanthe will be selling my wares.

Last night was a lot of fun! I do have a greater respect and understanding for people who do regular markets though. It’s a lot of work! I was selling glass magnets, peg magnets, soy candles, christmas decorations and earrings.

Here is everything all packaged up ready to go:

Market goodies packaged up.

And some photos of our set up last night. I shared a table with Xanthe who made the paper cranes, tassle garlands and the gorgeous knitted fairy light strands (which sold well!)

Nearly ready for business!

The outside view:

There were lots of other lovely things being sold too. Here’s a selection:

Do go along next Tuesday night if you can make it. I wish I could be there again!



Easy Peasy Christmas Peg Magnets

While we were making the marble magnets the other day I also started some of these peg magnets and just finished them off today. I think they’re even easier than the marble magnets and would be perfect for displaying Christmas cards on the fridge. All you need is (love) and:

- wooden pegs (I got a jumbo pack from Bunnings for $5 or so.)

- paper for decorating – again we used the Christmas scrapbook papers but any nice paper would do fine.

- pva glue

- mod podge (though you could probably just use the pva glue if you don’t have any mod podge.)

- magnet strips

- craft knife or scissors

First cut your paper to the same size as the peg. I just traced around the peg with a pencil and then cut it out with a craft knife and trimmed if necessary.

peg magnets

Glue the paper onto the pegs with the pva glue.

Christmas peg magnets

Cut strips of magnet to the width of the pegs. I cut up an advertising magnet we didn’t need. If you’re planning on using the pegs to hold more than a single card you might want to use a stronger magnet. I have some small rectangular magnets form the dollar shop that I’m planning to use to make some non-Christmas pegs to hold fridge crap all year.

magnet strips

Use the pva glue again to stick the magnets onto the pegs.

magnets glued on

When the glue under the paper has dried cover the whole top side of the peg with mod podge to seal the paper and give it a bit more durability.

mod podge drying

Finally when all is dry hang a card from it! Obviously we have no Christmas cards yet so I used this card that Peppa Pig and George sent Lillian. (Big thanks to Lucy for organising this from the creator of Peppa Pig himself. So cool.)

magnet at work

Have fun magnet making!

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