The years are short

Inspired by my friend jm, who was in turn inspired by Rachel Meeks (whose blog, Small Notebook,  I enjoy) on alphamom, I thought this reflection exercise was a good way to gain perspective after the sleep-lacking days and nights we’ve had this week.

The days are long but the years are short. This too shall pass. Everything is a phase (even the good things so enjoy it while it lasts!)

This year: well, you know what’s happening this year.

This time last year: I was 4ish months pregnant. We had just decided to try for a homebirth. Lillian was transitioning into the preschool room at daycare. I was working three days a week. I was taking a picture a day for my 365 project. Our front fence was still maroon. Our screen door was still ugly.
breakfast on the verandah

This time two years ago: We had just moved into this house. Lillian had been going to daycare (and I had been working) for four months. She still cried at drop-off time. We visited Taronga Zoo with Beck. Lil was starting to fight nap time but usually lost.
she thinks she doesn't need to nap

This time three years ago: We had been back in Australia for just over a month. We were renting a house just a few blocks away from where we live now. Lillian took her first steps. She was waking up 3+ times a night.
family portrait

This time four years ago: I was 34ish weeks pregnant with Lillian. We were living in Broughty Ferry in Scotland. I was getting ready to finish up my job at a recruitment agency and begin maternity leave.

This time five years ago: We visited Boston, New York, and Washington DC. We were living in Dundee in a cute little maisonette with a view over the River Tay. I was about to start working for the recruitment agency. We went to the Isle of May and saw lots of puffins.

This time ten years ago: I was living in St Peters in Sydney and working for a government department. Dave was living in Newcastle and working on his PhD. We alternated weekends in each place. I attended my uni graduation ceremony. (This photo was taken for the work newsletter.)

This time fifteen years ago: I was in my last year of high school in Bowral. I lived with my Dad and my brother. I was thinking about going to university in Newcastle. (It’s probably a good thing I have no photos from this year on my computer.)

I wonder what things will look like fifteen years from now? Lillian will be almost 19 and possibly not even living at home. Edward will be 15 and hopefully sleeping through the night.

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3 Responses to “The years are short”

  1. 1 Beck May 7, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Taronga zoo was two years ago?
    Probably time to go again!

  2. 2 Alexis May 12, 2011 at 7:47 am

    I read this on my phone while doing a late-night feed and laughed out loud at that last sentence! In fact I even talked about it at the playground today… think I’m going to do one of these posts. Hope you don’t mind me being a copy-cat!

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