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Goodbye 2009

It’s New Year’s Eve! We’ll be having a quiet one tonight but celebrating with a BBQ tomorrow.2009 has not been a bad year for us, but I’m looking forward to 2010 (do you say twenty-ten or two thousand and ten?) and what exciting things may be in store. There is still much to do on the house and garden but it’s not as overwhelming as it was at the start of this year since we’ve made good progress. Lillian is now officially two and a half and I am sure the next six months to 3 will go just as quickly as the last six have. So, Happy New Year and thanks for reading – all three of you!

I should also say that we had a lovely Christmas here in Newcastle with Dave’s family and Lillian had a ball. The fun continued last Tuesday for Christmas 2 with the Sydney relatives, and we’re looking forward to a visit from Dad and Pam tomorrow so the fun is not over yet!

Merry Christmas!

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The noughties in review – part 2

Where was I living? Partick, Glasgow, Scotland, in a cosy little top floor tenement flat.
What was I doing? Working as a Funding Officer for a community planning organisation. This was a part-time job (2.5 days a week!) which allowed plenty of time for exploring and travels. It was actually very well paid for the hours – my full time job in Dundee paid about the same (but was more enjoyable so I didn’t mind the extra days.)
Travels? Some long weekend jaunts to Sweden, Paris, Brussels. A week in Prague for a friend’s wedding. Two weeks in Morocco for Christmas and NY.
Highlight of the year? Meeting Elissa and Michelle, without whom we would not have seen half the places we did in Scotland.
Photo? The view from our flat at night looking toward the river Clyde.
Where was I living? Perth Rd, Dundee, Scotland. In a 2 story maisonette with a beautiful view over the river Tay from the upstairs bedroom.
What was I doing? Working with a great group of people at a recruitment agency.
Travels? Barcelona and Dublin weekends. Two weeks in the USA visiting Boston, New York and Washington DC. Visiting Elissa and Michelle in Paris. A week in Andalucia, Spain.
Highlight of the year? Getting pregnant.
Photo? Dave getting friendly with a Highland Cow.
Where was I living?Broughty Ferry, Dundee. A lovely little seaside village.
What was I doing? Working until May when I went on maternity leave and sat around for a month waiting for the baby to make an appearance.
Travels? Australia in January. The Hague for Christmas with Jo and Dirk.
Highlight of the year? Meeting Lillian.
Photo? Very pregnant and on our way to a wedding.
Where was I living? Lawson St, Hamilton, Newcastle (full circle!) In a rented house with a deck and a back yard which was quite the novelty after years of flat living.
What was I doing? Looking after Lillian and settling back into life in Australia.
Travels? Berlin long weekend in Feb. Katoomba long weekend with friends.
Highlight of the year? Moving back home.
Photo? Lil getting to know her Pa.
Where was I living? Still in Hamilton but now in a house we own.
What was I doing? Working part-time and looking after Lillian.
Travels? Melbourne long weekend for Dave’s cousin’s wedding.
Highlight of the year? Knowing we don’t have to move again next year.
Photo? Lil, Dave, Nonna and poppa at the farm.

Wedding remembered

Last week I came across this new website. On a whim I submitted our wedding and here it is! A site like this sure would have been handy when we were planning all those years ago. Looking back I’m still happy with how everything turned out. Obviously there are things we would do differently now but it was a great day. The website is the work of Steph Bond whose blog, Bondville, I recently discovered. Thanks Steph!

Window before & after

Before – the blue window frame was rotten all the way through. There were holes in it and gaps around the window panes where the rain used to come in.

During – the builders removed the rotted window. That’s next door’s bathroom. We are very close but not as close as some of the places around here – at least there is room to walk between the two houses.

After – new window installed!

Now we just need to paint the back room which still has ‘Happy Birthday Lillian’ painted on the wall from June. We figure if it’s still there by her birthday next year we can just paint another candle on the cake.

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