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she loved it

We had a really fun time in Katoomba over the weekend. Lil seems to be getting over her fear of other kids and by the end of the weekend had settled right into the swing of being one of eight. There are more pictures on flickr and if you stalk some of the commenter’s photos you’ll find some more. We stayed here which was the perfect house for such a group and very comfortable.

I forgot one important word on the list in the previous post: more. She used it to great effect at Ikea on the way home from Katoomba when I gave her a tiny tiny piece of my brownie. We were at Ikea to buy a little table and chair set for Lil. Now we just have to make it.


Still no new photos but hopefully after this weekend I will have lots to share. We're off to Katoomba to stay in a big house with a group of friends and 7 kids under 5. Should be fun. Should be loud. Should be cold.

Lillian's talking has come along with a big leap this week. She now says the following words (some prompted, some spontaneously, most only understood in context):
Mama, dada, nonna, poppa, pa (when talking to Dad on the computer), bye, moon, banana, moo (for cows milk), stir (the porridge), star, ball, down, up, bath time, boat, bear, baby, book, hair, ears, eyes, mouth, nose, and I've probably forgotten a few.

Moon is a new one since Dave pointed it out to her last weekend. She now points to it in the sky whenever she sees it and says "muh"!

She woofs whenever she sees a dog and this includes the cartoon drawing in the bank window down the street, and the dogs on the hardware store sign.


Not a lot has been happening here apart from trying to survive the coming of the molars that will not just come already.

Xanthe has put some great pictures of Lil's party on flickr here.

I haven't taken any new photos for a while but that will be rectified soon. Stay tuned.

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