Go to Laos!

CD 4 Cambodia to Luang Prabang 214

I came across this article about Laos in the Sydney Morning Herald on-line today and I couldn’t agree with it more. Laos was the country where we spent the most time (28 days) during our three and a bit months in South East Asia and we loved it.

In no particular order highlights included:

  • the beer
  • Don Det – an island on the Mekong where we stayed in the cheapest place of our whole trip ($1.50USD /night for a bungalow) but it had a fantastic view over the Mekong from the hammock on the balcony.
  • the people – so friendly
  • the boat trip from Luang Prabang to Nong Khiaw. Nine hours of breathtaking scenery well worth the sore bum.
  • the pace – things move slowly in Laos but you soon settle in to the groove and relax
  • the food and the coffee – yum
  • the Mekong – we followed the Mekong the length of the country from south (the border with Cambodia) to north. At times it was our means of transport and at times it was just a great view at the end of the day. The picture above is the Mekong at Vientiane with Thailand on the opposite bank.
  • the price – we spent a total of $132.50 USD on accommodation in Laos. That’s an average of $4.73 a night. The most expensive room was $13. Sure, we were on a budget, but in most cases $4 – 6 got us a clean double room with an attached bathroom and a hot water shower. In Luang Prabang $8 got us one of the nicest hotel rooms I’ve ever stayed in. I can only imagine what $50 would get you. (And hey, if you’re converting to pounds it’s even cheaper!)

So, what are you waiting for? Go!

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