Munro number one

We just had a weekend of fantastic weather.  Dazzling sunshine and clear skies. The perfect conditions for our first Munro.  For those who don’t know the lingo, a Munro is a mountain that is higher than 3000ft.

My friend Rob came up to visit us on the weekend and helped motivate us to get out of town.  We got up at 6am and caught a bus to Glencoe.  Great scenery along the way, except that I kept falling asleep.

We arrived at Glencoe a few hours later and started our day with a quick visit to the visitor’s information centre.  Here a chatty salesman quickly steered us away from the National Ordinance maps in favour of a map produced by a Scottish company.  We were told that the Scottish made map was much more accurate, showed more detail, was water proof and could be used as a picnic mat.

On advice from the visitor’s information centre, we decided that instead of walking a few kilometers to the bridge we’d wade across the River Coe.  It was breathtakingly cold on our feet but refreshing.  I was loving it.  Mad flashed me a look half way across and said, “This is not fun”.

Once our toes were dry we headed off toward our mountain – Sgnorr nam Fiannaidh (from the Gaelic, Peak of the fair headed warriors).  It was long climb up and up.  Along the way Rob and I rediscovered bog.  However this time Rob  only stepped in up to his boot level.  We also discovered during lunch that heather is very comfortable to sit on.

Once we finally made it to the top there were great views of Glencoe, the surrounding mountains and a local idiot sun baking with his shirt off.  From the peak of Sgnorr nam Fiannaidh there is a narrow and exposed ridge that links the mountain with another Munro.  As much as I wanted to jog across the ridge and bag my second Munro for the day, I knew we didn’t have that much time.

Instead we started our way down.  I was doing an impersonation of a dying fish, Rob was jogging and Mads, though not jogging, had plenty of energy in reserve and even carried the heavier backpack!

We arrived at the Glencoe hotel with enough time for me to rehydrate and Rob to have a beer and haggis with Scotch whisky sauce.

On the return ride it was around 7:30 pm, the sun was just beginning to set and the scenery was truly stunning.  I had a very friendly and talkative American next to me and the stench of a bus load of sweaty walkers, but even that was not enough to keep me awake.

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1 Response to “Munro number one”

  1. 1 David May 30, 2005 at 11:24 am

    Another adventure for you, another speccy image for my computer screen background. Thanks for keeping us up to date – it’s great to read your stories and see excellent photos. I was also interested to see Rob make a guest appearance! May there be many more Munro climbs.

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