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Hello! Just a quick post to say that there won’t be any updates here for a while but you can follow our six month travel adventure over on The Places We Go or on Facebook. See you next year!

World Map Birthday and Farewell Party

Lillian is six today! We’ve been celebrating all weekend with a birthday and bon voyage party yesterday and the actual birthday fun today. Luckily the rain held off for a few hours for the party yesterday and the kids were able to run wild around our local community garden.

Given that we’ve been busy preparing to leave the country for six months I kept things fairly simple theme-wise this year. An old $2 atlas from Vinnie’s was turned into bunting and lolly bag decorations. The red white and blue bunting ribbon was another Vinnie’s find.

Lolly bags and map bunting ready.

And the cake featured a map of the world made with 100s and 1000s.

Cake for our birthday/bon voyage party today.

Here’s the bunting in action.


And a non-instagram view of the cake.

world map cake

Lil was a bit embarrassed at being the centre of attention during the Happy Birthday singing.

Happy birthday song Lil

But recovered to blow out the candles.

puff Lil

And this little guy had a great time too, in his world hat collecting sticks.

I found sticks

We leave in one week! Don’t forget to head over to The Places We Go to follow along with our travels. There’s a special Lillian themed post there today.

A Top

So I said I should stop sewing skirts. I didn’t say anything about tops.

Must stop sewing and start packing.

I actually started this at Craft Collective a little while ago. It just needed the neckline binding and hemming to finish it off so I got it done yesterday in time to wear out for dinner (a friend’s birthday.)

I made up the pattern through trial and error. The first version (with different material) was too small but I’m hoping to be able to turn it into a top for Lil if she’ll ever try it on for me. This version is quite roomy but the material is very light and drapes well. Again I avoided zippers or closures of any kind. Perhaps learning zippers will be next year’s goal.

Skirt Sewing Frenzy (No Zippers Necessary)

We leave for our six month adventure in just 32 days. So what have I spent the last week doing? Sorting? Culling? Cleaning? No. Sewing skirts.

It all started last Thursday when a friend mentioned over coffee that she had once made a wrap skirt with velcro instead of a tie. It was like a light-bulb of possibility went off in my head. I made a wrap skirt last year but found that the tie annoyed me. I’ve been wanting to make an a-line skirt but the thought of sewing a zipper put me off. But velcro! Of course. As soon as Ed was napping that day I cut one out.

I made a skirt.

After that one I did a little online research and came up with another zipperless a-line pattern. With pockets!

I made another skirt! With pockets!! This one has elastic at the back. #stillscaredofzippers #nothemmedyet

That was a success so I made two more. Lillian requested one the same but we’ll try not to wear them together.

Skirts 3 & 4 for the week. (We'll try not to wear them at the same time.)

I have more ideas swirling in my head (a fuller version of the pocket one) and more fabric ready and waiting (these were all made with stash) but I’m thinking I probably need to focus on the task at hand now. I mean, how many skirts do I really need to pack?

Pride and Prejudice First Birthday Cake

Yesterday we drove down to Sydney for the first birthday party of my cousin Beck’s bub. How clever is this cake?


It’s One English Village inspired by this Pride and Prejudice counting book.

The inspiration for the cake.

Beck made all these little chocolate trees. So cute!

Tree cup cake

And look at the gorgeous view. A beautiful Sydney Autumn day. Happy Birthday little E!


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